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More Professional

  • Promote your business on
    every envelope or label you
    send by adding your logo and
    even a message of your choice.
  • Include your return address to ensure
    you receive any undeliverable items back.

More Economical

  • Save up to 34% on your
    postage More Info
  • Integrated weighing-scale means you
    never have to guess or over-stamp your
    mail just to be sure it arrives on time.

More Efficient

  • No more trips out of the
    office to buy stamps.
  • Re-credit your franking machine
    over the telephone or via your PC.
  • Post from your nearest post box.
Franking Machine offer good for new customers only.

*Free trial only available with 12 month rental at £19.95 per month, plus the cost of postage, refills and supplies you use. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us during the trial period and we will collect the machine from you with no further obligation. Additional terms and conditions apply to your rental in accordance with the applicable Pitney Bowes rental agreement that will accompany your order.

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