If I want to cancel?
Pitney Bowes PersonalPost Franking Machine 30 Day Trial Guarantee!
All you need to do is let us know within the trial period and we’ll pick the equipment up at our cost. The agreement will be terminated and refunds made for any additional unused postage.

Please note that you only have to pay any additional postage or supplies you use. Also note that an initial postage deposit is required to set up your postage account.

What Is A Postage Deposit?
The Pitney Bowes franking machine operates Postage by Phone which is a prepaid facility. An agreed deposit balance is kept with Pitney Bowes which is supposed to reflect your typical monthly mailing costs. When you transact on postage Pitney Bowes collects the difference from your balance to make sure your balance is kept at the agreed level.

An example will suffice here, if your agreed deposit balance is £400, £400 is automatically collected from your account. When you download postage we will collect the difference to ensure your balance is maintained at £400 and ready for your next transaction. A Postage Reset fee is charged each time you use this.

You will require an analog telephone line to use this service.

What is a Postage Reset fee?
A postage reset fee is charged for using our Postage by Phone system. How it works is that, you will not be charged a fee for your first POSTAGE RESET after which each POSTAGE RESET will be charged at £6.84 +VAT.

What does my 30 Day Free Trial Include?
The Pitney Bowes Franking machine comes complete with a starter pack containing an ink cartridge, 25 labels and 5 metered mail envelopes. £10 of free postage credit is available for you to download onto the machine.

Is it cheaper to send mail by using the PersonalPost™ Franking Machine?

It is now at least 16p cheaper to send a piece of 1st class mail and about 19p cheaper to send a 2nd class piece of mail.

What If I want To Send Mail Abroad?
You can send mail you are sending abroad much the same way as UK mail. You would have to remember to mark parcels as such and add an Air Mail sticker. Air mail stickers are available for free from the Post Office. You would also have to get a Customs Declaration form if the item is being sent outside the E.U. This is also available from the Post Office free of charge

The parcels I send are too large for the Post Box. Where can I post them?

Post them to your local Post Office which will provide colour coded bags to place your parcels and mail into. Remember 1st Class, 2nd Class and International mails are free of charge. Please check that your post office has a free area where you can deposit these without queuing up.

If I have recorded or special Delivery mail – do I have to take this to the Post Office?
You will have to take this to your local post office and hand these over to the counter staff as they have to log receipt of the item/s for you.

When can I download postage onto my PersonalPost?
The Pitney Bowes data centre is open 6 days a week between 7.00am and 8.00pm.

If I frank the wrong amount? Can I get my postage back
You will have to contact the Royal mail and obtain a claim form – 08457 740740.

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