Franking Machine

Investing in a franking machine for your business could be one of the shrewdest moves you ever make. Despite many organisations choosing to communicate with their customers and peers on the web, there’s still a significant demand for affordable mailing solutions amongst thousands upon thousands of companies up and down the United Kingdom. Though email may be the preferred method of communication in the 21st century, the need to post bulk documents to the people that matter is far from obsolete. This is why those looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of their staff are inclined to purchase a high-quality franking machine from a well-established retailer such as Pitney Bowes.

Pitney Bowes has been supplying the international community with cutting-edge franking machines for almost a century. We’ve built our strong reputation on our commitment to technological development and sincere passion for customer service and care. We’ve patented thousands of innovations since our inception in the early 1900s and have been firmly at the forefront of the bulk mailing industry thanks to our unmatched reach and standing within our relevant market sector.

Put simply, our brand has evolved throughout the decades to become synonymous with the franking machine in the UK. However, as we’re dedicated to expanding our business on an on-going basis, our product range has grown to include a huge variety of office machines and aids alongside the franking machine, all of which are fit for all corporations, from start-up companies to household names. From document binds to scanners, projectors and high-end printing solutions, we’ve got it covered.

We’re also renowned for our comprehensive and efficient approach towards customer support and after-care. If you’re experiencing problems or issues with your franking machine, want to enquire about our franking machine rental services or simply want to learn more about your options, we encourage you to get in touch at the earliest opportunity. Our team can help you get your franking machine up and running as soon as possible so that you can begin to discover the clear benefits of using this equipment within your existing work environment.

Franking Machines

Plenty of companies can vouch for our first-class franking machines, but how can our products benefit your organisation on an individual level? While sending out bulk or personalised mail may remain an essential part of your internal business operations, creating labels and filling envelopes takes time and eats into the everyday activities of your staff. Purchasing franking machines makes the entire procedure easier for all involved, ensuring that none of your employees need to take time out of the office to collect stamps or pay postage costs and that routine tasks are completed as quickly as possible.

Aside from the obvious advantages relating to workflow management, you may also be surprised to learn that investing in franking machines can also save you a lot of money in the longer-term. Even if you don’t regularly spend a large amount of money on postage services, the cost of producing and delivering letters and packages can add up over the course of several months or years and can therefore prove to be a much more economical option.

Here at Pitney Bowes, we’re quick to tell our customers that they can save up to 29% on all costs and fees relating to their postage requirements just by purchasing an in-house franking machine. There are many factors that can contribute to this dramatic reduction in cost but, put simply, your entire franking machine has been designed
to charge you accurately and securely for kinds of mail. Many of our franking machines include integrated scales that provide you with the right postal tariff at any given time, ensuring that you’re able to pay for exactly what you need. You can add credit to your account whenever you like using our franking machines, saving the need to visit the post office and enabling you to keep track of your outgoings.

Franking Machine Prices

Here at Pitney Bowes, we fight to keep our franking machine prices as low as possible to ensure we remain competitive within our field. Our franking machine prices ultimately depend on the specification of the equipment in question, which is why we have developed a diverse product range that will appeal to businesses of any size and budget.

Smaller enterprises will benefit from digital mailing systems that can produce tens of letters per day. These items, most notably the franking machines from our DM50, DM55 and DM100i ranges, allow our customers to arrange their postage from the comfort of their own office. Franked mail can then simply be taken to the nearest post box and dropped off accordingly. Companies searching for larger-scale franking solutions will be inclined to take a look at franking machines that can process over five hundred letters a day. Our Connect+ series offers a fantastic suite of professional applications that makes printing and paying for your mail a hassle-free experience. Separate user accounts can also be installed into many of our machines, allowing various staff members and departments to keep tabs on their expenditure in real-time.

Details of our franking machine prices can be found on our website within the relevant product categories.

Franking Machine Rental

Franking machine rental is fast becoming a popular option for companies interested in discovering the benefits of our technology without purchasing costly equipment for their office space straightaway.

As the demand for our products and services grew across the globe, we decided that it was time to provide our customers with the opportunity to lease our products on a shorter-term basis. We’ve found that the opportunity is particularly popular amongst small to medium sized business that are searching for affordable solutions without a long term commitment.

Those involved in the programme are able to reap all the benefits of our equipment yet can opt out of the service at any time should they find that our franking machine rental packages are no longer working for them. You’ll find that all of our franking machine rental rates are priced as reasonably as possible and are, in most cases, likely to be offset by the amount of money you’ll save on printing and postage.

Franking Machines For Small Businesses

Pitney Bowes is also a leading manufacturer of franking machines for small businesses. We don’t work to provide our technology to companies of a certain standing – our products are available for all enterprises wishing to lower their outgoings and save valuable cash for other (and often more profitable) areas of their business.

All of our franking machines for small businesses are specifically

designed to reduce all outgoings associated with your mailing procedures yet are able to produce stationery that will portray your company as professional and reputable.

Handwritten addresses are a thing of the past with our franking machines for small businesses – clean, personalised labelling can be seamlessly added to all envelopes to drive home a consistent image of your brand to your partners and clients. Those wishing to opt for our premium range will be able to completely customise their envelopes with company logos, tailored promotional messages and a variety of other high-quality print options that are designed to create bold, eye-catching mail.

Franking Machines UK

Franking machines in the UK have been developed to provide businesses such as yours with a previously unrivalled range of mailing solutions. Companies are no longer limited to traditional stamp usage – our franking machines in the UK have been developed to cater for the needs of even the most demanding administration department. And, if you’ve got a number of important pieces of mail on the agenda, you can even pay for Registered or Special deliveries via your franking machine.

Remember, aside from our franking machines in the UK, Pitney Bowes is a leading supplier of an extensive catalogue of office supplies. You can order large quantities of paper, ink, toners, cleaning kits, envelopes and folders from our company at the click of a button and you’ll find that many of our branded products are available at a much lower rate than many well-known equivalents.


Franking refers to any kind of markings or impressions that are routinely stamped to mail. As you would expect, franking provides businesses with the opportunity to develop attention-grabbing, professionally-branded envelopes that are easily identifiable amongst the piles of post received by contemporary businesses every single day.

Whether companies are looking to promote their products or services to the masses or communicate effectively with partners and other businesses, smart, consistent franking is an essential part of the mailing process.

Professional franking with Pitney Bowes has never been easier. We understand the need for mailing equipment that produces top-end results as quickly as possible and have worked closely with our customers over the years to tailor our products and services to all requirements.

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